Posted: June 1, 2013 in Tattoos and Lifestyle

Here’s a crazy thought: imagine you’ve walked into a police station (that’s right, here in Nairobi) and the first law enforcer you see ready and willing to serve……………………………,okay, let’s not push it. The first cop you see has a sleeve that starts from the wrist and disappears into his short sleeved shirt. How cool would that be?

Or you step into a hospital and your ‘female’ doctor has more permanent ink on her than what she’s jotting down as you go on and on about how and where you’re ailing? Yeah, that’ll be the day.

We do not have that many tattooed Kenyans in the various conventional career fields, so the few that you or I stumble upon in my opinion…….., ROCK!


DSC03104  Meet this ‘jamaa’ Kevin Mwanza a 27 year old loving father and husband.

Before my interview with him I had never even once met the guy but had already branded him as a cool guy in my books. So come interview day this ink-head is rocking a cool black tee and jeans. (super casual as if he’s from diggz or something) when in fact he’d taken time off his day job as an integration engineer at a firm in Westlands to quickly come meet me and let me ask him a couple of questions about his tattoos and the story behind them. And I call him an ink-head basically because once you are no longer able to hide your tattoos or feel like you even do not want to, well then my friend; you are an ‘ink-head’

So Kevin’s first tattoo was done way back in 2002, it’s a tiny dragon that was done manually with a needle and thread (another reason why he is a serious ink-head) and took close to 3 grueling hours to complete. From there on however he was hooked!, and went on to get a couple more done.




Even though he has a successful job title now, it wasn’t always like this for him as his first job totally had a problem with his tattoos despite his competence and fully met qualifications for the job. That didn’t deter him though and where he is right now is more than enough proof of that.

Try ask him which one of his tattoos is his favorite and I bet you a Gee the answer you’ll get is the dragon he got at ‘Yaya’ from ‘Abraham’ it’s located on his left arm and even the way he was looking at it when he was showing it off to me told me for sure that that was the tattoo he adores the most.




As the interview was drawing to a conclusion, I couldn’t help but ask  this avid 9-5 nation builder his future tattoo prospects and I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting the answer to be ‘a very big back-piece’. But he sed it and hey, ‘go hard or go home’ has always been my motto when it comes tattoos.

As far as being tattooed and employed goes, Kevin truly earned my respect as well as a few other heavy inkers out there and went ahead to show me personally that your ink doesn’t define you or dictate your performance at the work-place but only just helps in expressing one’s self using a more artistic approach. Dedicating this one to the bosses. LoL.


DSC03095   DSC03100   DSC03103   DSC03097


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