A random 254 Ink

Posted: May 19, 2013 in Tattoos and Lifestyle

So am glad I managed to turn a week that seemed very much like it was from hell into a productive week of ‘kujenga Taifa’ (personal matters though that shall remain so). My first inking session that I had looked forward to for quite some time was with my mentor and sensei Gathu A.K.A Teddy bear (in-house joke of course). He’d been dying to get a chest piece and D-day was finally upon us, so like a warrior he lay there for a couple of hours until that outline was bold and solid. He finally called it quits though, but no one can take anything away from him because chest tattoos are the mother of Bitches if you ask me.

Big-up Teddy bear.

1367276002-WIP-portfolio  1367276069-WIP-portfolio

Tattoo Thursday!., basically this thing I started whereby…………..…,you know what, the details are on the page just go check them out.

Justine my tattoo model would be Tattoo Thursday’s 1st participant and boy did we, I mean I have fun finishing off her thigh piece as she contemplated ways of making her pain reverberate back to me. Sorry sweery, but look on the bright side it’s done and it sure looks amazing. 🙂

1367276131-WIP-portfolio  1367276169-WIP-portfolio

Next on the chopping block, I mean hot seat…….., okay okay my next client was Chris. This guy’s Polynesian half sleeve just makes you wanna get something similar, including the skin tone, but since you can’t you just look, admire, give it some salty jealous looks but once you take a deep breath you’re good to go…….,well guess what, he added a chest piece to the sleeve. Yeap. (Overturns table).

1367274750-WIP-portfolio  1367274964-WIP-portfolio

Alright, am calm now!, moving on ever so swiftly to Friday where my good friend Kasina A.K.A Baba Roy and Mwende came over for a cover-up of some old ink he’d gotten ages ago as well as baby Mwende’s name. 4 hours later and reeling in pain he emerged from battle a proud and strong father with his price on the left arm. Cheers Kasych.



Now, it’s one thing to get your 1st tattoo, it’s another thing to want it on your rib-cage and actually get it there. That takes some really big balls or in this case ovaries. Saturday saw this young lady brave a tone load of pain to get a really beautiful side piece of a lily, some vector swirls and stars. The sigh of relief I heard from her after I had sed ‘it’s over’ clearly told me one more minute in there and I was probably gonna get punched in the face.



  1. Morgan says:

    so i hate needles and the thought of one repeatedly pricking my skin? ad rather eat sossi ten times! but do these look awesome i may want one!

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